Release Notes

This page describes changes to the Prepaid Utility Service Interface implemented across different releases of the interface.


Released 04 September 2018

  • Made various path related constants available.
  • Update base service interface version to v3.12.1.
    • Added in new base interface.
    • Added in new JsonUtil class
    • BasicAdviceResponse has been depricated and now extends BasicAdvice
  • Added the vatInvoiceNumber field to the PurchaseResponse


Released 18 May 2018

  • Added INVALID_AN32_TOKEN error type
  • Added DO_NOT_HONOR error type
  • Added INVALID_MSISDN error type
  • Added INVALID_LOYALTY_CARD error type


Released 15 May 2018

  • Added field paymentMethods to PurchaseRequest
  • Update base service interface version to v3.9.0.
    • Added PaymentMethod model with subtypes An32TokenPayment and LoyaltyCardPayment
    • Changed PaymentMethodType.TOKEN to PaymentMethodType.AN_32_TOKEN
    • Added amount field to PaymentMethod
    • Added EncryptedPin model object


Released 8 November 2017

  • Update base service interface version to v3.4.0.
    • Added optional barcode field to SlipLine which represents a barcode on a till slip.


Released 9 October 2017

  • Update Swagger Jersey 2 JAX-RS version to v1.5.16.
  • Remove included SLF4J library.


Released 9 Aug 2017

  • Additional annotations for cascading model validation


Released 24 July 2017

  • Added INVALID_MERCHANT error type


Released 5 Jul 2017

  • Added TRANSACTION_DECLINED error type


Released 1 Mar 2017

Breaking changes

  • Removed PurchaseRequestRetry object from operations. This has been replaced with the conventional PurchaseRequest object for the retryPurchaseRequest operation.
  • Removed PurchaseRequestRetry object definition


Released 24 Nov 2016

  • Added purchaseTotal and taxTotal fields to PurchaseResponse model
  • Added HTTP 501 status to resources
  • Tax fields in TaxableAmount model are no longer mandatory


Released 25 Oct 2016

Breaking changes

  • Introduced PurchaseRequestRetry model to be used in place of PurchaseRequest for request retries
  • Introduced SlipData model to be used in place of PrintableSlip
  • Removed slipWdth from requests as this is now contained in SlipData
  • Introduced ConfirmationAdvice and ReversalAdvice models as wrappers for TenderAdvice and BasicReversal, respectively
  • Refactored ErrorDetail model

Non-breaking changes

  • Added msisdn and tenders fields to PurchaseRequest model
  • Added BasicAdviceResponse body to reverseTokenPurchase and confirmTokenPurchase operations
  • Added LOYALTY_CARD and GIFT_CARD tender types


Released 19 Sep 2016

  • Bug fix to JSON validator


Released 15 Sep 2016

  • Bug fix to TaxableAmount getter methods


Released 12 Sep 2016

  • Removed requirement for containing the original request in a reversal request


Released 12 Sep 2016

  • Fixed incorrect method signatures in interface classes


Released 7 Sep 2016

  • Initial release