Message Flows

Voucher Provision

The voucher provision message flow works in the following manner:

  • The voucher acquirer sends a request for a new voucher to be provisioned
  • The voucher vendor sends through a response message that the encapsulates the information about the voucher that was requested to be provisioned.
  • The voucher acquirer sends through a provision confirmation that finalises and completes the transaction.

Voucher Provision Message Flow

Voucher Redemption

The voucher redemption process differs from the voucher provision mechanism in that the messging flow takes on a single messaging paradigm in contrast to the dual messaging paradigm used by the voucher provisioning process. The voucher redemption process has two parts. - The merchant initiates the process by sending a voucher redemption request to the voucher vendor. - The voucher vendor then sends back a response to this indicating the success or lack thereof, for the requested transaction.

Voucher Redeem Message Flow

Voucher Redemption Refunds

The voucher reversal process takes on a similar pattern to the voucher redemption message flow. - The message flow is initiated by the merchant that sends out a Refund Request to the voucher vendor. - The voucher vendor sends back a response that indicates the success or lack thereof for the transaction.